Church of San Pietro


The church of San Pietro is located in the upper part of Corniglia. The construction of the building began in 1334, incorporating into the northern sideof the building a facade of an older Church. The Fieschi wanted it to be built in the Ligurian Gothic style, but the predominant style is the Baroque. The fourteenth-century façade in local stone is adorned with a saw-toothed frame, supported by small arches, and with a precious  rose window in white Carrara marble, that dates back in the 1351. The basilica-plan interior with three aisles is supported by a baroque barrel vault. It contains a baptismal font from the 12th century and an Altarpiece on the altar at the end of the right aisle.

Oratory of the Disciplinati of Santa Caterina


The oratory of the Disciplinati of Santa Caterina stands in the village on one side of Largo Taragio square. It dates back to the eighteenth century and has a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.


Largo Taragio


This is the meeting place of the town, here you can sit down to have a coffee or enjoy a delicious ice-cream. From here you can easily access the Oratory of Santa Caterina and you can reach the old defensive tower. This is the heart of Corniglia itself.


Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces is the result of a nineteenth-century restructuring of an earlier chapel, perhaps of late medieval origins. The venerated icon is a painting of the Virgin with Child, originally depicted between San Bernardo da Chiaravalle and San Bernardino da Siena. The work was then divided and the canvas with the Virgin was placed above the altar, while two ovals on the walls depict the images of the saints.



Trekking lovers will surely be struck by the paths that lead to wonderful hikes in the territory of Corniglia. We absolutely recommend you to try the path that leads to Vernazza.
Corniglia is about two hours walk from Vernazza.
From the city center, take the road that runs along the Church of San Pietro, arriving above the Guvano beach. Along the way you can stop in equipped picnic areas. Then continue the path up to the locality Prevo, with its rest stop. Continuing up to the Tower, you will find the road that leads directly to Vernazza.



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